It’s been 1 week of no spending this month so wanted to give an update in order to encourage some of you to also consider doing challenging yourself.

In some ways, it’s easier than last year and in others, it’s a bit harder.

Here’s one big thing that I carried on from last year’s No Spend Challenge.

Buying lunches:
I used to buy my lunch almost every day at work – I stopped doing that last year in February and have successfully carried it through the full year!  Yes, there are days when I will still buy lunch but they are maybe monthly not daily.  Instead, we in the office often buy the ingredients and make lunches, or someone brings in leftovers for all of us.  It’s great!  So much healthier, more nutritious and so much more economical!

Now back to this year!
So far so good! It was a late decision to do the no spend challenge again this month so there was no pre-planning for upcoming costs that I could cover off in advance or plan to postpone.  It’s a real day-by-day, what-comes-up, kind of decision-making process.

Facebook marketplace is a common go-to for me for things I’d love to have but don’t want to spend the extra $$$ on getting new or just looking for a bargain. Don’t we all love a bargain – trolling marketplace is dangerous though – but this month makes me question the “need versus want” scenarios ?. So far I have resisted ?

Decisions decisions …
I bought a bike in January (unplanned – but it is oh so pretty and the perfect size and opportunity that I couldn’t resist.). It arrived from over east at the beginning of February and after having ridden it and raced on it there are a few tweaks it needs – new bar tape and new pedals ….. insert dilemma. ?   Are they essential or just desires?  At this point, they will need replacing – the bar tape sooner than the pedals, but they can both wait – so back on the desire list for them. ?

I set my parameters around allowed spending at the beginning of the month – other than the necessary food shopping, fuel, and weekly regular costs that occur for me (netball, gym/pt, etc).

I have allowed for race entries, medical and birthday gifts. I already had a medical appointment booked, you can’t avoid birthdays – turns out I’d already purchased the main presents for the month (unplanned), and there are a couple of races that I haven’t got around to entering yet which are on during the month.

The biggest money win this month so far is picking up a free water cooler/dispenser for the office.  Now we can have cold filtered water and stop buying bottled water – our back pockets win and so does the environment. ?

What is your money win for the month so far and what is in your allowed spending?

✨ PS. If you’re keen to join me as I continue into February with No Spending, I invite you to challenge yourself and download the checklist.

You do not have to commit to a whole month – though I encourage you to. Pick a week to start and see how you go and what kind of impact thinking about daily spending has.

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