Profit First Formula

We are all in business to make a living, pay our bills and of course to make a profit.  Yet every second person I speak to tells me “I haven’t paid myself ever,” “I can’t afford my bills,” “I can’t pay my tax.” But when we sit down and look at their figures using the normal method of accounting, Income less Expenses equals Profit, we see they are actually showing a profit.

So why is it that they have no money or can’t afford things?

The answer is simple.  They haven’t been practising Profit First.

Profit First reverse engineers a profit and changes the formula and your way of thinking.  It is so simple to implement that I’m surprised that so few people have ever heard of it let alone implement it. If we simply change the formula around it makes perfect sense.

Sales less Profit equals expenses.

Why shouldn’t we pay ourselves and our profit first after all, that is precisely why we are all in business.

After implementing Profit First in my own business and experiencing firsthand how simple and game changing it was to not only the bottom line of the business but also my mindset I became Western Australia’s first and only certified Profit First Professional Accountant.  Determined to change how business owners, no matter the size of the business, how long the business has been operating or even how much debt the business has, when implemented, Profit First is guaranteed to make any business profitable from the very next deposit and every deposit thereafter.

I have designed my workshops to be interactive and informative.  To leave you having the confidence and knowledge to implement profit first in your business at the end of the session.  Not only this, but we will also work through the process step by step leaving you with an action plan on how to successfully implement Profit First in your business over the next 12 months, whether you do it yourself or choose to work one on one for the accountability.  Having comfort in knowing that help and guidance is never far away and that with every deposit you are not only generating profit, but also paying yourself will empower you to continue to change the game.

If you have always dreamt of being able to pay yourself and make a profit in your business but never thought it would happen, book into one of our workshops or one-on-one sessions to transform your business and start paying yourself and your profit first every time.

The great news is I have two new workshops to teach business owners like you, how to set themselves up to generate Profits First in their business, using this system.  Bookings can be made for our morning sessions in Mundaring on Tuesday 10th January or Balcatta on Tuesday 24th January