This February 1st, I embarked on a “No Spend Challenge” for the month. ?

That meant consciously considering where my energy and money flows for travel, work & family. ?

I also decided to be Intentional about all aspects of life. ✨ Yes, I chose a “Word for the Year”, but that’s a post for another day. 

As I began to review my habits, I realised I could make some positive changes. But, Golly, it’s easy to slip subconsciously into a pattern that’s not serving you! ?

What's a No Spend Challenge?

So I outlined some areas that I could improve and know many of you could also too:

☑️ Path to living debt-free life (mortgage, cars, credit cards etc.)

☑️ Chance to reset finances after Christmas, New Year and School Holidays

☑️ Break some spending habits and form new ones 

☑️ Less wasteful 

☑️ Planned spending, instead of just spending (be intentional about it!)

What's the GOAL of a NO Spend Challenge?

The other benefit for me is to slow down in all aspects of life. ?

What is essential to me and my household might vary to you. ?‍♀️

Right now, needs include a couple of driving lessons for my youngest, food, bills, birthdays for immediate family etc. $

It doesn’t mean going without or missing out. It just means I’m reevaluating the necessity. ?


How does a NO Spend Challenge Work?

Things I predict I may find hard:

  • Lunch… I always forget my lunch ??‍♀️

  • Weekends – outings with children ?

  • Doing things around the house – always finding things that need fixing – trips to Bunnings ???‍♀️



So far this month has gone like this:

Day 1 – so far, so good. Only a couple of top-up items for dinner (salad and fruit for school) ???

Day 2 – Here are a couple of essential costs that I have for this month that some may not consider essential but to us they are. ?

I’ve intentionally chosen to say yes to these outgoings – not a random impulse spend. These are either one-off costs or annual and they happen to fall due now so yes these will be getting paid in my no spend month.

? Year 12 leavers jacket $100

? Netball registration x2 $500 

But on a good note, no lunches were bought at work. ?

Day 3 – My monthly massage is essential. Set out in my rules because it’s all about self-love and self-care to realign my body, remove any stress and living my best intentional life in 2022.

The other thing is that I pay for Private Health insurance (PHI) so may as well use it. Therefore it only cost me $20, not the full $100.

Leftovers for lunch so winning still there.

Day 4 – I collected new client docs… Which happened to be situated right next door to a plant place ???

But as tempted as I was …. none made it into the car ????


I’ll continue to keep you updated throughout the month and let you know how I’m going.

Here’s to being Intentional in 2022! This is my year, I’m ready for it. ?‍♀️

Let me know, would starting a No Spend Month benefit you?

Nadine Rawlings Garnet Business Solutions Profit First Perth Accountant

Nadine Rawlings Garnet Business Services

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