This month we’ve challenged ourselves by getting to get a little extra movement in our office for a great cause.

The National Breast Cancer Foundation is running the 55 Squat Challenge to raise vital funds for further research. Yes, that’s 55 squats each per day, every day in March. You know we love math so we are talking about a whopping 1705 squats in total, for each of us.

The NBCF has a number of groundbreaking research projects focusing on new and improved breast cancer treatments. This novel and innovative scientific research will uncover new and better therapeutic strategies to improve treatment effectiveness and reduce potential side effects.

The goal is to change the statistics and get closer to the 2030 goal of no deaths from breast cancer.

We are all impacted in one way or another either directly or indirectly by breast cancer and it’s time to take some control back.
Since NBCF’s inception in 1994, $170 million has been invested in 534 projects of breast cancer research. Visit to learn more about the ground-breaking research happening right now.

As quoted by Dr Roberta Mazzieri, NBCF-funded researcher – “Advanced metastatic breast cancer has no cure today. If successful, our new strategy will control or eliminate distant metastasis, including devastating brain metastases.”

No donation is too small as every little bit helps. With your support, we can speed up the time it takes to make the next significant breast cancer breakthrough.

Donating $50 – Could support researchers to test whether a successful immunotherapy for advanced melanoma can also be used to treat breast cancer.

Donating $100 – Could support researchers to uncover new drug targets for chemo-resistant breast cancer, to provide better treatments for those who need it most.

Professor Jane Visvader, NBCF-funded researcher says – “Having a better understanding of the process will help us target the different types of cell clones and pathways active in them that are responsible for breast cancer spread.”

We’d love you to help us by:

We’d really appreciate your support in making a difference towards a better future for those impacted by this disease.

Thanks so much, Nadine & Team Garnet